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A light hearted western romance that asks the question, "Can a prostitute find a new way of life, love, and happiness? Perhaps. 

soft cover     $15.

IT ONLY TAKES ONE ... one wreck, one bronc, one woman, one kid, one dead man. Western romance with a touch of murder and mystery. Can the love of a woman and a freckle faced kid give a young cowboy a new focus and way of living? Or will murder be their downfall?         $15.  soft cover 6x9


COMPANION NOVELS based on the lives of three families in western New Mexico and Arizona at the turn of the century, Then follow them into contemorary events. 

AN OPAL IN THE WEST was my first novel. 

WILLENE, JEWEL OF THE WEST was a finalist for western romance with the WESTERN WRITERS OF AMERICA.  

6x9  soft cover 

$15. each 

Christmas Closet Cover Draft.jpg

 The Christmas Closet contains the first year of experiences as a young mother and her daughter return to the family farm left to her by her grandmother. The transition from city to farm life, old resentments held against her grandmother, and complicated relationships fill the pages of this book. Hannah and Maddie find a family in an older couple who fold into thier hopes and dreams.

The Box in the Barn covers the second year's experiences in this growing family's lives. Finding a box filled with memories and pictures from the past help with the healing process of Maddie and Hannah, while Mary, Matthew, Davey and Gregory all find a place in their lives and hearts. 

Coming soon ... The Letter in the Loft. 

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