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It Only Takes One

Brandon Williams: good cowboy, single, living life the way he likes it. Until… a murder, a widow, a freckle-faced kid, and reality check in. 


It only takes one. One change, one day, one wreck, one gift, one heart. In the blink of an eye, life can take on new meaning. 


Walk through one year with a young man learning to adjust to what life plants in his lap. Will Brandon find happiness and love in the midst of turmoil, a murder    investigation, and one or two wrecks along the way?

Facing West-
Voices of Western Women

Anthology of poetry and essays from 50 women who are Facing West.

It's A Cowboy Christmas:
Christmas Stories From Ranch Women

Christmas stories from Ranch Women.

An Old Cowboy's Christmas

Along the lines of an old folktale, this old cowboy is visited by an angel who tells him the Lord will come to visit him. But he doesn't see the Lord at all, only people who come all day. His big question is, "Did I miss Him? I watched carefully."

Sammy Clause,
The Story of Santa's Brother

Delightful Children's Story about Santa Claus' unknown brother, Sammy.

Willene, Jewel of the West

A sequel to "An Opal in the West" this novel is based on the life of Willene, the child born to Will and Opal. It is built around true stories experienced by one family in the 1920's through the early 2000's. FINALIST FOR THE SPUR AWARD WITH WESTERN WRITERS OF AMERICA - Western Romance Category

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Opal in the West

This novel is based on true stories that took place near the turn of the century.  Opal's life direction was simple . . . where her horses were, and where Will would be.

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Letting Go

According to the book of Ecclesiastes, there is a season for everything in life. For me, there has come a time of letting go. Journaling my way through the transition helped. Here are my lessons.



A collection of testimonies from over thirty working cowboys and their families. Honesty at its best!

What More Could a Woman Want?

An imaginary interview based on true stories told to me by my Grandmother. She was born in 1900 in a covered wagon in New Mexico, lived to see pictures of men walking on the moon. What a story she had to tell.

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2018 WILLA Literary Award Finalist in Poetry. Reflective, poetic prose considering the clash between Mother Nature and the man-made existence we experience daily.

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I Remember Fireflies

This is a collection of memories from the author, reaching back to memories that were often hard to face. To laugh and cry, but in the end have a "one liner" that changes the focus of the memory to one that has been lightened.

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