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Pictured above with a dear friend and traveling partner of many years; Carole Jarvis is to my right. This was taken in Alpine Texas at a Poets Gathering we attended for several years.

The name of my publishing company and business was drawn from the title of a newspaper I published for the Arizona livestock industry from 1991 - 1997. It was distributed throughout Arizona for seven years, and is registered with the state of Arizona.

Born and raised in Prescott, Arizona I've lived among working cowboys and their families most of my life. Love of the lifestyle, the culture, heritage and traditions is strong in me, and preserving those facets of my life has become a driving force. 
I've been writing poetry and music since I was about ten years old, and started playing my dad's Harmony guitar about the same time. Much of what I write holds experiences that unfolded while living among those working cowboys and their  families.

 The trails around Yavapai County carry lots of tracks made by six generations on both sides of my family tree. Both my maternal and paternal family trees are firmly rooted in the manzanita and malapais of Yavapai County.

I'm married, have two lovely daughters, both grown and serving their communities. Four absolutely beautiful granddaughters and their fine husbands grace our family tree, and as of this writing I am great-granny to five awesome boys and one great-granddaughter.

I've been an evangelist, teacher and preacher for over 40 years, and became an ordained minister a few years ago.

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